Auger Boring

Auger Boring (Jack and Bore) is one of the oldest methods of trenchless technology.  This technique is primarily used for the installation of steel cased bores.  In this process the casing is jacked forward while rotating augers in the casing remove the spoils.Read more

Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a technique that uses a surface launched boring machine with a transmitter in the drill head to track the location of the drill bit. After the  pilot bore is steered to its desired destination, the hole is enlarged and the pipe being installed is pulled back to the bore’s point of origin.  Drilling fluids are used to carry cuttings and maintain support of the bore hole.Read more

Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming is especially suited for casing installations in loose formations containing rock, cobbles, sand, and gravel. Pipe ramming is a two-stage technique for installing steel casings from a launch pit to a reception pit utilizing dynamic energy from a percussion hammer.  Once completed the soil is removed from the casing using various methods.Read more
Silver State Boring Inc.
Our Promise

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality and expertise, we engage in only trenchless technologies and specialize in horizontal drilling and boring operations.

Trenchless Technologies allows us to install utilities such as water, sewer, electric, gas, and telecommunications while causing little or no disruption to the area.

- Wetlands, Rivers, Lakes, and Fragile Ecosystems

- Trees. Vegetation, and Landscaped Areas

- Residential & Commercial Developed Areas

- Congested Highways & Concrete or Paved Areas

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