Silver State Boring Inc.

We Provide Commercial and

Residential Boring Services.


Silver State Boring History

Serving Northern Nevada Since 1986

We have been working in heavy construction and performing pipeline work for decades. We obtained our Nevada “A” General Engineering license in 1986. In 1993 we brought the first modern directional drill to Northern Nevada. In 1995 we started specializing in only horizontal drilling and trenchless installations.

The Silver State Boring Advantage

The biggest advantage for choosing Silver State Boring is the fact that we specialize in only horizontal boring. Most of our competitors are utility contractors involved in cable, fiber, or pipeline installations. Their boring operations are supplemental to their primary business. Silver State Boring Specializes in only Horizontal Boring. Therefore, we have the very best specialized equipment, training, and experience.

Additionally, we can provide more options and supply the right tools for nearly any job. Many contractors only have one type of drilling equipment (eg. directional drills sized for small diameter installations only). We have the specialized equipment to fit the specific needs of our customers. We are not trying to make-due with something designed for a different application.

From the very beginning, we made the decision to specialize in only Horizontal Boring and Drilling. Even though we have the equipment and experience to do open trench installations we feel the only way to provide the kind of service our customers deserve is to do one thing and do it really well.